Cut and install all types and sizes of glass, such as plate glass of all kinds and thickness, clear and heat absorbing window glass, obscure glass, mirrors, leaded glass panels and insulating glass units. They also fabricate and install curtain wall, aluminum entrances, store front, skylights and revolving doors; install all types of door hardware; and they fit and install plastic and porcelain panels in metal and wood frames.
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Prepare surfaces of buildings and other structures and then apply paint by means of brushes, rollers or sprayers. Work with varnish, enamels, lacquer and other materials. May also paint interior rooms or cover walls with paper, fabrics, vinyl or other materials (paperhanger). The painters must be able to mix paints as well as do sandblasting and water blasting.
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Prepare surfaces of bridges and other structures and tanks using abrasive blasting and then apply coatings by means of sprayers, brushes, or rollers. Work with various blast medias and other materials and apply special coatings. The painters must be able to mix paints as well as do sandblasting and water blasting.
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Fabricate vinyl, electric signs & banners, and create displays for the trade show industry. Workers in the Sign & Display industry put the finishing touch on the location and what is housed in a shopping center or building. They also engage our senses with the art of display using neon, vinyl, plastics, wood, glass and steel. They install and service the signage that marks our shops, restaurants, colleges and office buildings. They work with metal fabricating equipment, neon glass bending, shaping and electric wiring to create state of the art signs. Vinyl signs and banners are designed, laid out and created by these highly skilled workers.
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Tapers/Drywall Finishers prepare unfinished interior drywall panels for painting by taping and finishing joints and imperfections.
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