prepare surfaces of bridges and other structures and tanks using abrasive blasting and then apply coatings by means of sprayers, brushes, or rollers. Work with various blast medias and other materials and apply special coatings. The painters must be able to mix paints as well as do sandblasting and water blasting.
Working Conditions
Painters work outside in relatively mild weather. Work is seasonal and very physically demanding. Most work is 7 days a week and out-of-town for the season. New materials and methods tend to give more steady employment throughout the season. Physical and health hazards include the dangers of poisoning, falling from ladders and scaffolds, paint fumes and dust. Personal protective equipment must be worn. The work involves standing, bending, climbing and working with arms over the head much of the time.
Interest and Temperament
Painters must have manual dexterity as well as steady nerves to work in high places. They should not be allergic to or bothered by paint fumes, toxic materials and spray dust. They should have a certain artistic sense in order to do a first-class job. Good eye-sight and sense of color is especially important to properly mix paint to specific colors.

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