Quality Training

High quality work performed by highly trained construction workers

In the construction industry, the quality of training makes a drastic difference in the overall quality of work performed.

Contractors who do not employ highly trained workers generally perform low quality work.

Conversely, contractors who employ highly trained workers perform high quality work.

Through our partners at the Finishing Trades Institute of Ohio Region (FTIOR), members of DC 6 receive free, quality apprenticeship training and journeymen upgrade training courses.

New IUPAT DC 6 members, who enter the trade with little to no experience, are required to complete a registered apprenticeship program before becoming a journeyman. This training creates the area’s top glaziers, painters, finishers and industrial/commercial coating specialists, who produce high quality work.

At state-of-the-art training centers, FTIOR certified instructors teach our members a continuously updated curriculum in their particular trade. This means they receive the latest training on industry technology and tools, allowing them to expertly and efficiently perform their job.

Furthermore, they also receive industry-leading OSHA safety training, which ensures they stay safe on the jobsite and helps reduce unnecessary work stoppage due to injury or death.

As written into our Collective Bargaining Agreements, DC 6 members are required to take a certain amount of training each year.

This quality training allows them to stay up-to-date on all the latest industry advancements, and helps them perform the highest quality of work, helping projects finish on time and on budget.

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