fabricate vinyl, electric signs & banners, and create displays for the trade show industry. Workers in the Sign & Display industry put the finishing touch on the location and what is housed in a shopping center or building. They also engage our senses with the art of display using neon, vinyl, plastics, wood, glass and steel. They install and service the signage that marks our shops, restaurants, colleges and office buildings. They work with metal fabricating equipment, neon glass bending, shaping and electric wiring to create state of the art signs. Vinyl signs and banners are designed, laid out and created by these highly skilled workers.
Working Conditions
Both indoor and outdoor work is done in all kinds of weather. In new construction of offices and buildings, the Sign installer may be required to work evenings or weekends. Working with new materials and methods tend to give more steady employment throughout the year. Physical and health hazards include the dangers of falling from ladders and scaffolds, breathing paint fumes and dust. The work involves standing, bending, climbing and working with arms over the head much of the time. The operating of light boom cranes takes skill and awareness of the surrounding workers to insure safety.
Interest and Temperament
Sign & Display workers must have manual dexterity as well as steady nerves to work in high places. They should not be allergic to or bothered by fumes, toxic materials, spray and dust. They should have an artistic sense in order to do a first-class job with good eye-sight.

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