DC 6 Leadership

Jim Sherwood

Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer

Jim Sherwood joined Glaziers Local 181 in 1985 as an apprentice, which made him a third-generation member of the Local. He then became Glazing Apprentice Coordinator/Instructor and held this position for 10 years before becoming a second-generation Business Representative in 2005. Brother Sherwood held the position of Local 181 Financial Secretary for two years. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Cleveland Glazier Pension Fund and is the Chairman of the Negotiation Team for all Local Unions within DC 6. Brother Sherwood is Co-Chair of multiple boards, including the Glaziers Joint Trade Board, Painters Joint Trade Board and the FTIOR. He is Secretary to the Painting Industry Insurance and Annuity funds, Trustee of the Southern Ohio Painters Health and Welfare fund, Vice President of the Ohio AFL/CIO and an Executive Board member of the Ohio State Building Trades. In 2005, he received his associate’s degree from Marshall University in Labor Studies from the George Meany Labor College. Coming from a family of union leaders, he continued the honorable path of his father when he became a second-generation Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer for the IUPAT in 2014, a position which he has been re-elected to serve. As BMST, he stresses the importance of trust, teamwork and putting members first.


Lou Ferrante

Director of Service, Assistant Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer

LOU FERRANTE is a fourth generation painter first joining Local 841 in 1978 as an Apprentice. Lou cleared into Local 867 in 1987; by 1996 he was a Trustee and Delegate to DC6. He was elected as Financial Secretary for Locals 867/707 for 9 years. In 2002, he was appointed as Painter Apprentice Coordinator/ Instructor until 2010 when he replaced retired Business Representative Jimmie Matowitz. Since 2014 Lou has served as Service Director/ Assistant Business Manager of DC6. Lou earned his Associate’s degree from Marshall University and went on to receive his Bachelor’s degree in Labor Studies from the National Labor College in 2007. Lou is a Trustee of the Painting Industry Insurance Fund, the Annuity Fund, Finishing Trades Institute of the Ohio Region, Mahoning & Trumbull County Building Trades Insurance Fund, and the Toledo Painters and Allied Trades Pension Plan. He serves as an advisor on the Cleveland Painters Joint Trade Board and has negotiated many DC6 contracts during his time served.

Jim Black

Assistant Service Director - North

Jim Black has been a member of Glaziers Local 181 for 23 years. He served a four-year apprenticeship and held positions on the Executive Board such as Warden, Vice President and President. He is a delegate to District Council 6 and a delegate to the AFL-CIO. Brother Black is a Trustee with the Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council, the Glaziers Joint Trade Board, the Finishing Trades Institute of the Ohio Region and a member of the Local 181 Negotiating Committee. Prior to becoming a leader within DC 6, he worked at Carroll Glass and Stanley Access Technologies for over 18 years. He now serves DC 6 as a Business Representative/Organizer, a position he has held since 2015. Brother Black went through leadership training classes in Maryland and graduated with an associate degree from Michigan State University.

David Lay

Assistant Service Director - South

David Lay joined Local 249 in 2006 and successfully completed his Drywall Finishing Apprenticeship. He served as Local 249 Treasurer from 2015-2021. Brother Lay wanted to become more active in the Council, so he applied to become a Business Representative/Organizer in March 2019. Soon thereafter, he was offered the position and accepted. In 2019, he became a Trustee to the Dayton Building Trades. Also, since 2019 he has actively held the role of Delegate to the AFL-CIO and was recently elected to the organization’s Executive Board.

Gary McPheron

Director of Government Affairs

GARY MCPHERON is a third generation IUPAT member and a 43-year member of Local Union 1020. He served a full apprenticeship and worked in many different aspects of the painting trade. Gary held a prominent position within Local 1020 including multiple terms as President. Once Gary became a Business Representative/Organizer within DC 6 he was appointed to serve as a Director of Governmental Affairs by BM/ST Jim Sherwood. Gary believes this is his most important role and highest honor of his career and is dedicated to protecting the members’ rights to collective bargaining and earning a living wage with benefits.

Bo Anderson

Director of Organizing

Bo Anderson joined Glaziers Local 1162 in 2007 and completed the four-year apprenticeship program. For the last eight years, he simultaneously served as a Delegate to District Council 6 and as Treasurer of his local. He remains in those positions to this date. Prior to becoming a leader within DC 6, Brother Anderson worked for United Glass, Bonfert Glass and Crystal Clear, where he exhibited his leadership skills and built strong relationships with his Brothers and Sisters. In 2020, he decided to interview for an open Business Representative/Organizer spot and was offered the position. Eager to expand on his leadership skills, he accepted. His interest in organizing within the Council grew meaningfully and he was appointed as the Director of Organizing in 2021. Since then, Brother Anderson has successfully completed several Organizing classes and is currently going through Leadership Training at the International. He has always done what is right for his Brothers and Sisters and will continue to fight for all members and families of District Council 6.

Danny Manuel

Assistant Director of Organizing

DANNY MANUEL is a 32-year Union Member. He joined as an apprenticeship in 1989 and transitioned to Journeyman Painter. He ran work for many of our signatory contractors in the Akron/Cleveland area and has always has his crews’ best interest at heart. Danny was a Trustee for Local Union 841 and served on the negotiation committee. Danny has been an Organizer for the Council for the last 8 years and recently accepted the position as Assistant Director of Organizing. Danny is heavily involved in the Water Tank/Water Systems Initiative, as well as Bridges, and is an active Finishing Solution Network agent. He has furthered his training and knowledge by obtaining his C1, C2, and CAS certifications through the SSPC. He is dedicated in growing our membership and market share and is always trying to make sure that everyone has the opportunity for a better life and retirement.

Business Representatives/Organizers

Jon Bettac

Business Rep / Organizer

Jon Bettac became a drywall finisher out of Local 765 in 2001. In 2010, he cleared into Local 505 out of Cleveland. He was appointed as Recording Secretary for his local in July 2018. The following year Jon became a part-time instructor for the Finishing Trades Institute Ohio Region (FTIOR) out of the Strongsville’s training facility. He was elected later in 2019 as Financial Secretary of Local 505 where he currently remains in this position. January 2021, was a big year for Jon, he was appointed as Business Representative for District Council 6 and Delegate to the council, he was then selected as alternate Trustee for the Painting Industry Insurance Fund. Jon has gained experience negotiating District Council 6 contracts but most importantly- he actively strives to serve the members of DC6 to build strength in solidarity.

Alfredo Campos

Business Rep / Organizer

Alfredo Campos began his construction career as a subcontractor in 1999 and was then offered a position with George Thomas Contractor Inc, shortly thereafter. He held various positions within the company until 2008, when he decided to broaden his construction knowledge. Brother Campos worked for a variety of contractors and expanded his skillset until he discovered the advantages of being a union finisher. In 2016, he joined Local 1275 as a drywall finisher for Valley Interior Systems and became a foreman. In 2022, Brother Campos interviewed for a DC 6 Dedicated Organizer position and was offered the position. Since he started this new role, he has worked hard to organize within Columbus. Brother Campos is honored to be a leader within DC 6 and is dedicated to providing assistance to the members he once worked alongside.

Tim Halas

Business Rep / Organizer

Tim Halas is a second-generation member of Local 847. He began his glazing apprenticeship in 1998 and has held positions in Local 847 since his apprenticeship including- apprenticeship board member, trustee, treasurer, financial secretary, and delegate to District Council 6 and Western Reserve Building Trades. Tim has been a Business Representative/Organizer since 2016 and was elected and maintained the role of Business Representative from locals 372, 387, 847, and 948 since 2018. He has negotiated several contracts and feels that his most important obligation is to serve the members of District Council 6.

Scott Harter

Business Rep / Organizer

SCOTT HARTER is a 32-year Union Member. He completed his Apprenticeship in Local 1162 and held the offices of Warden, Treasurer, Vice President and Delegate to DC 6. In 2002, he cleared into Local 181 and served as delegate to DC 6. In 2005, he cleared back into Local 1162 and was appointed Business Representative/Organizer in 2006. He serves as Trustee to several funds, including the Glaziers Local 1162 Pension, and the Indiana State Council of Roofers Health & Welfare Fund. He also is a Trustee to the Finishing Trades Institute of the Ohio Region, which is the Council’s Apprenticeship Board. In 2010, he successfully managed the merger of Local 603 (Canton) into Local 841 (Akron). In 2020, he brought all the Canton Contractors into the Local 841 Agreement to unite the local and ensure all members of the Local are covered under the same Health & Welfare Plan. After winning the 2014 elected position for Locals 841 and 1162 Business Representative, he was appointed as the Assistant Service Director North. He served that position through the 2018 election and after the recent retirement of the Assistant Service Director South Lee Denney, he is currently overseeing the operations and duties of all the agents throughout the Ohio area, with the primary objective of servicing the membership and making “District Council 6 MEMBERS FIRST”.

Ron Houser

Business Rep / Organizer

Ron Houser is a second-generation union painter, and second-generation union official. Ron was born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio and graduated from Mt. Healthy High School and diamond oaks vocational school and focused on carpentry. He Worked for a time out of school as a carpenter then joined the Painters Union, as his dad was. Ron completed his apprenticeship and served as foreman, superintendent and Business Rep/Organizer. Ron is currently an organizer for local 123/238 in the Cincinnati area. His interests are still woodworking, riding, building motorcycles, and anything outdoors.

Zachary Langendorfer

Business Rep / Organizer

Zachary Langendorfer graduated Glen Este High School in 2002. In 2007, he joined the IUPAT as a Glazier out of local union 387. Since then, Zach has been an active member within his local for 15 years holding multiple positions such as Treasurer and Financial Secretary. He went through the Architectural Glass and Medal Technician course and received his AGMT Glazing Certification. Zach became a Delegate to District Council 6 before becoming a Business Representative/Organizer in 2021. Zach is dedicated to serving the members of District Council 6 and ensures their best interests come first.

Enrique Montes

Business Rep / Organizer

A first-generation commercial painter, Enrique Montes joined Local 707 in 2015. He completed a four-year apprenticeship with Dependable Painting and displayed exceptional leadership and field knowledge, which earned him the Cleveland Building Trades Apprentice-of-the-Year Award. Brother Montes said his decision to join the union changed his life for the better and he wanted to expound on his growth, so he applied for a Business Representative/Organizer position in 2021. His interest in organizing and his drive to make a difference earned him his current role as Business Representative/Organizer. Brother Montes currently sits on the Local 707 Negotiating Committee and is dedicated to helping all members of this council grow, as he did.

Harry Mullins

Business Rep / Organizer

Harry Mullins is a 42-year glazier, who owned his own glazing business for 16 years. He has been a member of Glaziers Local 372 for the past 22 years and served as Local President for the past 17 years. He is a Delegate to Parkersburg/Marietta Building and Construction Trades Council, the Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council and the Tri-State Building and Construction Trades Council. Brother Mullins also serves on the Executive Boards of the C/COBCTC and the Building Futures Program – an apprenticeship readiness program. He attended four years of college at DeVry University, where he worked on his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Over the years, Brother Mullins held multiple leadership roles. He was a foreman on many union glazing jobs and was a Flight Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army. He is the Director of Transportation for the Arnold Fitness Classic, and a member of the Gavin Rupp charity foundation, which helps raise money for juvenile cancer. He has also coached youth baseball and bowling for the past 20 years. Brother Mullins is a loving husband and father, and a hard worker. He tries his best each and every day to make himself better than he was the day before.

Chris Naegele

Business Rep / Organizer

A second-generation union painter, Christopher Naegele has been a member of Local 1275 since 2005. He has served as a Delegate to the District Council since 2006 and has also held the office of Local 1275 Vice President. In 2015, Brother Naegele was given the opportunity to serve as a District Council Organizer. Four years later, he became Business Representative/Organizer for Central and Southern Ohio. Currently, he holds many positions within the industry and is a delegate to the Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council, Tri-State Building and Construction Trades Council and AFL-CIO Central Labor Council. He also sits on the FTIOR Board of Trustees and is Trustee to the Southern Ohio Health and Welfare Fund. In 2018, Brother Naegele became a board member to the Central Ohio Workers Center, which advocates for immigrants and low-wage workers in Central Ohio. This organization has proved instrumental in moving legislation such as the City of Columbus’s wage theft ordinance. He is proud to provide an opportunity to the organized and unorganized workers in our construction industry.

Jamie Peppers

Business Rep / Organizer

Jamie Peppers is a lifelong resident of Toledo, who earned a college degree in Business Management and continued his education in Construction Management at the University of Toledo, prior to entering becoming a Painter Apprentice in 2001. Passionate about representing the membership of District Council 6, the move from Local 7 Executive Board member to Business Representative in 2006 seemed like a natural fit. With the encouragement of the DC 6 leadership and the support of the Local membership, Brother Peppers was selected as Trustee of the Local Pension Board and currently serves as Chairman. He is also a Trustee of the Local Labor Management Committee, a Health and Welfare Trustee and serves as Chairman and Financial Secretary of the Northwest Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council. In his free time, Jamie loves to spend time with Laura, his wife of 28 years. They spend much of that time together attending the many activities of their four children and grandson.

Joe Randazzo

Business Rep / Organizer

Joe Randazzo joined Local 707 in 1990 as an Industrial Bridge Painter with JMG Maintenance. In 2021, he interviewed for and accepted the position of Business Representative/Organizer. His 25 years of industrial bridge painting experience was needed to best service our industrial members. His leadership skills from the field allowed for an easy transition to Business Representative/Organizer. He has begun Leadership Training at the International to expound on these qualities. In 2022, Brother Randazzo was appointed as Trustee of the Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council. He is also actively becoming more involved with union business. Brother Randazzo is a member-focused representative who fights for his Brothers and Sisters.

Jessica Story

Business Rep / Organizer

Jessica Story joined Local 123 in 2007 as a second-year apprentice. While in her apprenticeship, she became involved with the DC 6 Young Lions Committee. In 2018, she transferred to Local 238, where she held several Executive Board positions such as Financial Secretary, Recording Secretary and is the current Treasurer. Sister Story is a born leader, and in June of 2019, she applied and was honored to be named Business Representative/Organizer. To further her involvement within the Council, she was selected to serve on the International’s LBGTQ CORE Constituency Committee. Her commitment and dedication to the members of District Council 6 will always come first.

Jim Taylor

Business Rep / Organizer

Jimmy Taylor joined IUPAT Local 476 in 1992. He is a 29-year member who was elected Local Vice President in 2004. Jimmy served on the Joint Trade Board Committee, was elected DC 6 Delegate and in 2012, became a Business Representative. Striving to make a difference within the union, he attended 2013 Legislative Conference and serves on the Joint Trade Board, is a FTIOR Trustee, serves on the Central Administrative Agency board, where he chairs their meetings and is Health and Welfare alternate. Brother Taylor serves on the Local 476 Negotiating Committee, DC 6 Deep Cleaning Contracts, Local 476 City School Contracts and YMHA contracts. He was played an instrumental role in identifying and securing the Girard Union Hall that serves as the home of Locals 476 and 847. He was not only elected an AFL-CIO Trustee in 2014, but he was also elected Vice President of Western Reserve Building and Construction Trades Council in 2020. He created the Shop Agreement and was the lead negotiator for 11 Local 639 Sign and Display contracts. Brother Taylor also signed 18 new contractors to the CBA.

Bruce Vidak

Business Rep / Organizer

In 2001, Bruce Vidak joined Glaziers Local 948 in Toledo. He was heavily involved in the union from this point onward. After he completed his apprenticeship at the Northwest Ohio Construction Education Center, he joined the Local 948 Executive Board in 2004 and served in several roles including Warden, Recording Secretary, Trustee, and President. He also worked with the Apprenticeship Board, Joint Trade Board and served on the Negotiations Committee. Brother Vidak moved into his Business Representative/Organizer position in 2019 and since then has served the members of District Council 6, Local 948 and Local 7 in Northwest Ohio, where he proudly put members first!

Tony Watroba

Business Rep / Organizer

Tony Watroba is a 24-year member of Sign & Display Local 639. He has been the Business Representative/Organizer for his local for the past 11.5 years. Tony holds or held the following positions: Delegate to District Council 6, Delegate to Cleveland Building Trades Council and Trustee to the Painting Industry Insurance Fund. He attended an eight-week leadership training program at the IUPAT training center in cooperation with the Building Trades Academy and Michigan State University. Those courses included: IUPAT Leadership Training Series one and two, Organizing and Membership Development one, two and three, Closing the Deal, Communications and Media, Labor Law and Contract Negotiations. Tony is committed to servicing the members of the IUPAT and always putting Members First.

Recruiting and Communication

Nichole McCarthy

Recruiting and Communications Coordinator

Nichole McCarthy joined the Glaziers Local 181 in 2015 as an apprentice and sought to be an active union member, so she joined the Young Lions. In 2017, Nichole became Co-Chair of the Young Lions and was selected as one of 12 original women on the International Woman’s Committee. That same year, with past recruiting experience, Nichole began temporarily working for DC 6 to aid in their recruiting efforts. Recruiting was then recognized as a necessity in each Council by the International and in June 2018, Nichole was hired as the full-time Recruiting and Communications Coordinator for the Council. She was appointed as local Trustee in 2018, then elected Trustee and Delegate to the General Convention by her Local in 2019. To continue her involvement, she rose to become Co-Chair of the PATCH Foundation in 2021. With her passion to help all members within DC 6 she recently accepted the offer as Chair of the Helping Hands Initiative and worked with the Delegates of DC 6 to get all members access to mental health resources. Prior to the union, Nichole was a Corporate Recruiter and hired for Caterpillar heavy machine operations, ODOT, and Engineers for German CNC machine designs. She earned her associate’s degree through the bridge program at Cleveland State University, where she focused on Organizational Leadership and Business Management. After Nichole graduated from the Glazing Apprenticeship program in 2019, she furthered her studies to earn an additional associate degree through Tri-C.

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