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Union apprenticeships with D.C. 6 are registered, certified and highly regarded career training programs that offer a combination of structured on-the-job training and related technical instruction to train potential trades workers in occupations that demand a high level of skill. D.C. 6 apprenticeships are administered by the cooperative labor-management Joint Apprenticeship Training Fund (J.A.T.F.).

Depending on the trades, apprenticeships can last from three to four years, during which time apprentices work and learn under the direction of experienced journey workers. Over time, apprentices are provided the diversity and complexity of training that leads to becoming highly skilled in their chosen occupations. As they gain skill, they are compensated through an increase in wages.

**Training catalog offers only online courses and are not to be used as credit for missed apprenticeship class days unless approved by George Boots PRIOR to taking the course. 

Apprenticeship Guidelines & Requirements
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Apprenticeship Class Schedule (updated August 2022)

Apprenticeship Programs
Painter – Decorator
Painter, Indust Coating and Lining App Specialist
Drywall Finisher