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Welcome to the new website for District Council 6 of the International Union of Painters & Allied Trades.
Our old website was overdue for an upgrade. It contained some outdated programs that no longer worked properly on certain computer operating systems. And the pages were designed long before anyone was able to access the Internet on a smart phone and before computer tablets were even invented.
The new site is designed to address three primary audiences, serving each in unique ways.

  1. Member Communication.
    Important information for current DC 6 Members is readily available here. We’ve created a new Events Calendar to keep everyone apprised of important dates and activities related to DC 6. There are also pages with vital information about our Annuity Fund and Insurance Plans, along with a News Blog where we can share accomplishments and current events related to our industry.Finally, each affiliated local union in Ohio and Central Kentucky has an individual page on this site. Business Representatives will be able to use this space to communicate with members as they deem appropriate.
  2. Recruitment.
    Individuals thinking about joining us and starting a worthwhile career in our industry will find all the information they need on this site. These future members can learn about the Training and Education involved in our Apprenticeship Program, and even download necessary paperwork to get started.
  3. Public Relations.
    Different pages within this website are intended to inform anyone interested in exactly who we are, what we do and why are highly-skilled and better trained members set the standard across multiple trades. We also provide a detailed list – broken down by geographical areas – of the Contractors that are signatory with District Council 6. Finally, we make it easy for people to Contact Us by filling out a simple form.

Just like we are proud of the work we do day-in and day-out, we are proud of this website. And as we continue to add more content, the site will only get better.

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