Right To Work

So Called Right to Work = Attack on Ohio’s Middle Class

“So Called Right to Work” laws make it optional for workers protected by a union contract to help pay the union’s expenses. The laws also restrict freedom of association by prohibiting workers and employers from agreeing to contracts that include fair share fees.

On the surface, a “So Called Right-to-Work” law prohibits worker security agreements between labor unions and their employers.
In reality, the law strips workers of protections afforded by unions.

Wages in “So Called Right-to-Work” states are at least 3.2% lower than those in other states.

The rate of employer-sponsored health insurance is at least 2.6% lower in “So Called Right-to-Work” states.

The poverty rate is at least 2.3% higher in “So Called Right-to- Work” states.

The IUPAT DC-6 opposes “So Called Righ-to-Work” and all candidates or elected officials that support such efforts in Ohio.

To get involved with opposing “So Called Right-to Work” contact us.