MindPlay now Available to IUPAT DC6 Members and their Families!

If your child struggles with reading or you are frustrated with the lack of support they receive at school, MindPlay can help!
What is MindPlay?
MindPlay is a web-based reading program. It delivers one-to-one, personalized, systematic, reading instruction. MindPlay features virtual reading teachers who will help your child fill in the skill gaps that are preventing him or her from reading accurately and fluently. The adaptive program modifies instruction to suit the needs of each child.
How does it work?
Through a series of quick assessments, the program determines what a child knows and doesn’t know. Then it creates a personalized learning plan to quickly fill in the missing skills. Your child only learns what he or she doesn’t already know. The lessons are taught by virtual reading teachers who coach your child through each lesson until mastery is achieved. If your child struggles with a lesson, the teacher goes back and re-teaches the concept in a different way. As your child advances, certificates and achievement points keep motivation high. Progress maps and reports display your child’s growth.
If you are interested in using MindPlay to help your child, contact George Boots at (440) 239-4575 or [email protected]. CLICK HERE to download a brochure.

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