The District Council Election will be held from
6 a.m. until noon
on Saturday, June 28, 2014.

If you are out of town for work or live a great distance from your Local’s designated voting location, you can vote at a closer location.

Any District Council 6 member in good standing can vote at ANY of the following locations:

Voting Instructions – When you arrive to vote:
Members will be asked to present their membership cards, dues receipt, drivers’ license, or some form of identification at the polls. After determining that a member is eligible to vote, the Election Committee will mark the name off the eligibility list. The member will be asked to sign a voter register, will be given a ballot and instructed to vote in secret, using one of the voting booths available for the election. All members will be required to use the voting booths.
No campaigning will be permitted within the polling area, or in any part of the polling location on Election Day. Only members of the Election Committee, Tellers, the Judge, Candidate Observers, and members who are voting or waiting in line to vote will be permitted in the polling area.

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