Industrial and Bridge Painter Training

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SSPC C3 Initial Lead Training (01/12-15/2015)

(32 HOUR CLASS) C3 includes background information on the hazards of lead and other toxic metals as well as the current legal and regulatory environment. The course contains specific discussions on protecting workers; compliance with environmental regulations; proper management of waste streams and operations that result in potential exposures to lead; and associated control technology. The course also addresses reading specifications and developing programs to effectively control risks to workers, the public, and the environment. It concludes with a discussion of insurance and bonding issues, and an introduction to other safety and health issues that are encountered on painting projects.

Course Content: Background Information on Lead and Other Toxic Metals; Legal and Regulatory Overview; Worker Protection from Lead and Other Toxic Metals; Compliance with Air, Soil, Water/Sediment, and Dust Regulations; Management of Solid and Hazardous Waste; Sources of Lead Exposure; Control of Environmental Releases; Specifications and Site-Specific Compliance Plans; Work Site Preparation; Insurance and Bonding Issues; Other Safety and Health Hazards

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C5 Lead Refresher (01/16/2015)

(8 HOUR CLASS) This one-day course provides refresher training for supervisors/competent persons who are responsible for industrial deleading operations. It starts with a review of basic information about lead and the human health hazards associated with it. The course continues with a review and update of relevant EPA regulations and progresses through discussions of 29 CFR 1926.62 and changes in the Respiratory Protection Standard (29 CFR 1910.134). C5 concludes with discussions about control over emissions as presented in SSPC Guide 6.

Course Content: Background Information; Regulatory Update; Worker Protection from Lead and Other Toxic Metals; Control of Environmental Releases

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 SSPC Coating Applicator Specialist (CAS) (02/23-27/2015)

COATING APPLICATION SPECIALIST (CAS) INTERIM CERTIFICATION PROGRAM (SSPC), allows those in the current workforce the opportunity to realistically achieve certification during the next several years. It focuses directly on the needs of the Application Specialist and provides   criteria for the education, training, experience, knowledge, and motor skills required to prepare and apply protective coatings to steel and concrete surfaces of complex industrial and marine structures.

SSPC has long recognized that the industrial painting industry is in need of a comprehensive craft worker   training and certification program designed to create a readily available trained and qualified workforce that will meet ever-increasing facility owner demands for quality work completed safely. The industrial painting trade has become a highly technical profession with the introduction of more sophisticated coatings and the need for qualified craft workers is greater than ever.

The course will consist of a review day, written test exam, and pre-assigned time to complete both the spray and blast hands-on exam.

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Confined Space (03/12-13/2015 CLE & 03/09-10/2015 CIN)

This course is a 16 hour class that is designed for building and construction trade members who work around, and may be required to enter, confined spaces. This course hits on numerous topics of confined spaces including, properties and definitions, atmospheric hazards, air monitoring, PPE and communication equipment, SCBA and SARs respirators, lockout/ tagout, ventilation, entrants, attendants and supervisors, the OSHA entry-permit system, using the NIOSH pocket guide, equipment for entry and retrieval, plus hands on simulation. (16-Hours).

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NACE CIP Level 1 (02/02-07/2015)

CIP Level 1 is a six-day course that offers a full 60 hours of instruction on the technical and practical fundamentals of coating inspection work for structural steel projects. This course provides students with knowledge of coating materials and techniques for surface preparation and application that prepares the student to perform basic coating inspections using non-destructive techniques and inspection instrumentation.

Classroom instruction is comprised of lectures, discussions, group exercises and hands-on practical labs that teach the student how to perform basic inspection tests. A written exam, practical exam, and inspector log book evaluation are given at the end of the course.

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NACE CIP Level 2 (02/09-14/2015)

CIP Level 2 is a six-day course that focuses on advanced inspection techniques and specialized application methods for both steel and non-steel substrates, including concrete. The course provides in-depth coverage of: surface preparation; coating types; inspection criteria; lab testing; and failure modes for various coatings, including specialized coatings and linings.

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NACE CIP Level 3 Peer Review (02/14/2015)

CIP Level 3 Peer Review is an intensive, detailed oral examination that is given in front of a three-member review board and lasts approximately two hours. There is no corresponding coursework for CIP Level 3, only an oral assessment.

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“Contact the FTIOR Training office at 440-239-4575 and ask for Thraso or Tom for additional information.”