The Painting Industry Insurance Fund provides first-class healthcare coverage for all participating members and their families.
The plan is guided by a Board of Trustees made up of union and management representatives.
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As a D.C. 6 member, you will initially become eligible for healthcare coverage under the Painting Industry Insurance Plan effective as of the first Coverage Quarter in which you are credited with the required number of hours – provided that such hours are reported to the Fund Office by your employing contractor.
The required hours for each quarter, which must be paid at the then current contribution rate, are as follows:
Jan/Feb/Mar 300 Jul/Aug/Sept
Apr/May/Jun 300 Oct/Nov/Dec
Jul/Aug/Sept 300 Jan/Feb/Mar
Oct/Nov/Dec 300 Apr/May/Jun
If you are not credited with 300 in one Work Quarter but you are credited with at least 450 hours in two consecutive Work Quarters, then you will become eligible for coverage under the Plan effective as of the next Coverage Quarter. A more complete explanation of Eligibility and other insurance matters can be found in the Summary Plan Description. If you have not received a copy, contact the Fund Office and one will be sent to you.
Open Enrollment
When you begin coverage with D.C. 6, you will be given an opportunity to pick from one of the three plans that are available:
• Painters’ PPO using Emerald Health Network for repricing
• Kaiser Permanente which is available in the Cleveland area
• Anthem Blue Cross which is available throughout Ohio.
Each year, it has been the practice to allow for an open enrollment period, which generally occurs in November. You will be notified in advance of this period with a detailed explanation of the current choices. Once you have made a choice, you are locked into that choice until the next open enrollment, so read the materials carefully so that you make the choice that best fits your needs.
Please attend the scheduled meetings or call the Fund Office with your questions.
Quarterly Statements
An “hours” report is sent to active members on a quarterly basis. It is your responsibility to review this report for accuracy. If this report does not reflect your hours correctly, you should inform the Fund Office immediately so that we can take the steps necessary to insure all the hours that you have worked have been properly paid and credited on your behalf. Your prompt attention is needed as this gives us the best chance that all fringes will be paid and that credit will not be lost to you.
Our ability to obtain all the hours for a member is directly connected to how quick we find out about non payment. Let us know while we have the most leverage.
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Phone: 440-260-0615 | Fax: 440-260-0597[/info_box]

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