The D.C. 6 Putnam Fund/Painting Industry Annuity Plan is a defined contribution, pension plan that is administered locally through the Board of Trustees. Putnam Investments handles the investment and distribution portion of the plan.
All investment allocation for each member is the responsibility of the individual participating member. Investment choices and information is available through Putnam.
For additional information, including investment choices, fund balances and general market information, visit Putnam online at or call 1-800-521-0538.
D.C. 6 current investment choices are:
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Neuberger Berman Genesis
Putnam Growth and Income
Putnam Vista
Putnam American Government
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Putnam Growth Opportunities
Putnam Balanced Retirement
Putnam Asset Allocation-Growth
Putnam Asset Allocation-Balanced
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Putnam Asset Allocation-Conservative
S & P 500 Fund
Putnam Money Market Fund
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Each of these funds covers a different investment approach and together can meet the needs of every member. These options can provide for an aggressive or conservative portfolio that will work for the risk taker or the person who wants to avoid risk. The Putnam web site can help you sort through your decision-making process.
Putnam Fund informational meetings are held periodically at the Union Hall. You can also contact Dan Gaertner at 216.623.3025 or 1.800.645.6261 to arrange a personal meeting to discuss your options.
All applications for distributions from the Annuity Fund are reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees at its monthly meeting. To obtain an application, please contact the Fund Office at 440.260.0615. All applications are processed through the Fund Office.
Hardship distributions are available. This application can be obtained through the Fund Office and must be completed and accompanied by the appropriate documentation. If you do not have the appropriate documentation, this will affect the timelessness of the distribution.
[info_box style=”announcement”]Contact D.C. 6 Health & Welfare
Phone: 440-260-0615 | Fax: 440-260-0597[/info_box]

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