District Council 6 is looking to add Business Representatives/Organizers to our team.

We are looking for one Business Representative/Organizer to work out of the Strongsville office with the bulk of your duties focused on organizing. The second position will be working out of ONE of the following areas; Toledo, Akron OR Local 476 area with the focus centered around Servicing.

IF you applied to be a Business Agent/Organizer in the last year and a half you will not have to re-interview. Simply contact Annette Danczak via email, annetted@iupat-dc6.org and let her know you want to be considered for the position.

If you are a new applicant submit your resume and cover letter to annetted@iupat-dc6.org for review.    If you are selected, you will be interviewed by BM/ST Sherwood and DC 6 Directors.

Deadline to apply is January 31st 2019.

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