Painters District Council 6 (DC6) is a union construction trade organization representing a growing force of men and women who work in the Finishing Trades – Industrial & Commercial Painting, Drywall Finishing, Glazing & Glass Work, Sign & Display and Floor Covering Installation.  DC6 is made up of 20 Local Unions spanning throughout Ohio and Central Kentucky. We are one of 32 District Councils across the United States and Canada that, together, make up the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT). Together, our members achieve a powerful voice in bargaining for wages, benefits, and working conditions – in government and within their communities.

Join IUPAT DC6 – The Start of a Lifetime!

When you are a part of a union, what you do for a living is more than just a job – it’s a career! As a union member, you receive training, benefits and a pension. There’s also an opportunity to earn a college degree in one of our programs as well. The best part is that you have a job while we train you, so you earn while you learn! Although a typical apprenticeship last three years, if you have experience in a craft it can be much shorter. 


Commercial & Industrial Painting

IUPAT Painters apply paint, stain, varnish, and other finishes to residential, commercial and industrial structures. They are able to choose the right paint or finish for the surface to be covered by taking into account durability, ease of handling, method of application and customer desires. Some IUPAT painting projects require an artistic touch for the restoration of historic buildings and unique projects.


Drywall Finishers: Tapers

IUPAT Drywall Finishers prepare unfinished interior drywall panels for painting by taping and finishing joints and imperfections. Drywall consists of a thin layer of gypsum between two layers of heavy paper; it is used on walls and ceilings in most buildings today. Drywall Finishers spread joint compound into and along each side of the joint between two hung drywall panels and use a paper tape to cover the seams.


Tradeshows and Sign & Display

IUPAT Sign & Display Workers fabricate vinyl, electric signs & banners, and create displays for the trade show industry. Workers in the Sign & Display industry put the finishing touch on the location and what is housed in a shopping center or building. They install and service the signage that marks our shops, restaurants, colleges, and office buildings.


Glazing & Glass Work

IUPAT Glaziers (or glassworkers) are responsible for selecting, cutting, installing and replacing all types of glass used in construction. Residential glazing involves replacing and installing glass in home windows, installing mirrors, shower doors, and bathtub enclosures. On Commercial interior projects, Glaziers fit glass for tabletops and display cases and install decorative glass walls and storefront windows.