IUPAT DC6 is always open to providing opportunities to hard-working people looking to build a career, and such was the case with Denane Pollard.

Denane visited Local #841 union hall one day looking for work. He had some experience in interior painting as well as drywall finishing, but he was hesitant to apply for work because he had gotten into some trouble in the past and he didn’t have any tools. But at IUPAT, we look at the future, not the past.

We had an opening for a drywall finishing apprentice, but we still had to help Denane get the tools he needed to start work. After a quick trip to the local home improvement store to get the basic necessities for a drywall finisher – Denane was able to start work THE NEXT DAY at Thomarios. When worked slowed down at Thomarios, he began working at Canton Floors. Never one to miss an opportunity, when the city of Akron stared on Firehouse Number 2, constructed under the Project Labor Agreement (PLA) Denane got to work with Glenn Stephens, who was very impressed by Denane’s work ethic and enthusiasm for learning.

Never one to stop pushing himself to achieve more, Denane shared that his true passion was for painting. He was willing to become a drywall finisher to get working, but he was really interested in a more challenging trade – Bridge Painting. When an opportunity to work with 360 Construction became available, he jumped at it.

“I want to be a bridge painter because I have been a residential and commercial painter for over 10 years,” said Denane. “Now is the time to take my career to new heights!”

Denane is eager to tell others about the benefit and opportunities available at IUPAT DC6. You can find him mentoring other and telling everyone about his rewarding career in the building trades.

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